You can’t be a great photo studio without having a fantastic post-production department. At SPICE Media we know images, we know platform requirements, we know how to get your images ready for online use. Let us take the hassle out of post-production with our expert team of post-production specialists


You often don’t have just one colour of your products. Our team at SPICE Media can save you the hassle of having to shoot every colour variation but changing product colours according to your specifications.

Complex recolor

Sometimes you don’t get the physical sample for a product in time for a shooting. These products often have various colours and colour changes. Let our SPICE Media team bring your sketches to life with our complex recolouring services.

Image correction

Dust, wrinkles, blemishes, and misshapen products can all be factors that don’t showcase your products the right way. Our SPICE media team can take a look at the smaller details of an image to make it more appealing to your customers.

Ghost/hollow man

Our team at SPICE Media can remove the mannequin from the product images. By doing so, your customers can easily understand the shape and size of a product without seeing the pesky mannequin. By adding an in-clip into the products, your customers can see the inside of the products as well.


Sometimes you don’t just need images for your webshop. Online platforms like Zalando, AboutYou, Amazon, and Breuninger all have varying requirements of image sizes and cropping’s. Do they need half-face or full-face images, square or rectangle? Our team knows the requirements of all major platforms and can get your images cropped to perfection.

Background removal

Do you need a different background colour, do you want to use the images elsewhere? Our team at SPICE Media can remove the background and all other unnecessary things in your pictures allowing you to use what background you want, and/or place the image anywhere you want.