Video Production


Video offers benefits that images alone just can’t match. They keep your visitors informed, give valuable insights to your customers, and positively influence customer experience. At SPICE Media we can take care of all your video production needs and give you the time to focus on other aspects of your work!

Ecommerce Video

Hardly anyone takes the time to read through long product texts, and sometimes an image just cannot give your customers the right ‘feeling’. Using videos for ecommerce sales helps ensure customers see how the item fits and falls while they move. Let us bring your articles to life with our ecommerce video services.

Stop Motion Video

Stop motion videos enhance your website and content in many ways. Use stop motion to tell your product story, from the raw material to the finished product. At SPICE Media allow us to present your products using moving imagery and have a positive impact on your customer engagement.

Product video

Promote special features, key designs, and highlight focus pieces, from the perfect angle, in a descriptive manner. Let SPICE Media create visually stunning product videos that tell the story of your products.

Studio Creative

Get creative in the studio with different lights, close-up shots, slow motion, and high speed. Our team at SPICE Media can help to create special creative videos to highlight your products in a way that brings your products to life.


Sometimes your products need a little more explanation. Share information, build an understanding, win trust and give all the information necessary to your audience. The SPICE team can bring all the elements together for you!